What is mystring?

Hundreds of studies over decades have pointed to one physiological target as uniquely promising and particularly overlooked. The Vagus nerve. Mystring is a unique, global experiment in the form of a pair of headphones. Headphones created specifically to give users the ability to stimulate their own vagus nerve.

Vagus nerve stimulation

Connecting mind to heart to gut, the Vagus nerve has been implicated in overall well-being, mental health, pain-management, the immune system, and inflammation regulation. Hundreds of studies have shown that stimulating this nerve leads to a long list of positive outcomes. The most effective non-invasive way to stimulate the vagus nerve? A mild electrical impulse. To a very specific point in the left ear.

An experience based on data

This crowd sourced experiment will hand the data right over the users, allowing them to learn from each other, fine tune their own montages, and hone in on the optimal treatment for their preferred outcome.

Who we are

Dr. Kevin Tracey is a world-renowned pioneer in the field of surgical vagus nerve stimulation. He has published over 380 papers related to VNS and his work has brought pain relief, depression relief, and systemic relief from inflammation to thousands of patients.

Dr. Cori Lathan is a neuroscientist, co-founder of mystring and a Board member. She is the board Chair and CEO of AntroTronix, the technology company responsible for the development of the headphone devices.